Choosing which smoke alarm is best for you is easy.

The smoke alarm that the majority of households in Australia will use is a 9 volt battery operated alarm. These run off a simple 9V battery and the smoke alarm will beep when that battery needs to be replaced.

Another version that is available on BuySmokeAlarms is the 240 volt smoke alarm. This needs to be installed by a licensed electrician and is hard wired into the main power for your house/office. They also come with a 9V battery backup in case of power outages.

Another version is also a 10 year lithium battery operated smoke alarm. This comes in a sealed package and is made to last at least 10 years without the batteries having to be replaced or the smoke alarm touched. These are a great convenience in households as they can simply be installed and forgotten about and don’t need a electrician to be install like the 240V alarms.

There are also 2 types of smoke sensors (that we stock), Ionisation and Photoelectric. Each detect different types of fires to varying degrees. At BuySmokeAlarms we stock mainly photoelectric with also a few dual sensors. Photoelectric smoke alarms cause a lot less false alarms and are overall more applicable to the everyday user.

For each of the different types of alarms we highly recommend our Quell brand of smoke alarms. You can find the 9V Smoke Alarm here, the 240V Smoke Alarm here and the 10 Year Lithium Smoke Alarm here.

Quell 9V Photoelectric Smoke Alarm
Quell 240V Smoke Alarm
Quell 10 Year Lithium Smoke Alarm